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Atunai Petrole Limited is a Nigerian registered company to provide Professional Engineering Services in the fields of Well Engineering Services and Downhole Tools.

Atunai Petrole Limited is an indigenous company with strong technical backup from its Patners. The organization is dedicated to delivering high quality Services.

Atunai Petrole has worked and still working with some of these companies; SPDC, SNEPCo, Addax Petroleum, NPDC, ExxonMobil, Agip, Total E&P etc

ATUNAI PETROLE has a team of well-trained Engineers and technicians that have made their mark in the various fields of Engineering that we offer services. We believe that people make a business successful. We are a team of passionate people who:

  • Value our employees for their dedication and innovation
  • Are accountable to our stakeholders.
  • Reliably provide high quality products and service.
  • Ethically interact with our customers, competitors, vendors and community.
  • Lead in generating value for our customers.
  • Balancing performance with price.
  • Responsibility towards health, safety, and the environment.
  • Delivering integrity in all of our relationships

Atunai Petrole has been many years of experience through Aikon Engineering Limited.

Aikon Engineering Limited

Aikon Engineering Limited History.

  • Aikon Engineering Limited is a private indigenous Oil & Gas Services Company.
  • Aikon was incorporated in 1992 under the law of Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • Started operations in 1995.
  • Aikon was Involved in first major deep offshore campaign by SNEPCo as main supplier of drilling bits for Bonga Project. Other Campaigns; EA, KI Deep, Gbaran, Bonny, Nembe, Afam, Oyibo, Santa-barbar (SPDC), Ogbanibiri, Ashaka, Ole,Eweri, Samabiri, Etan, Abo, (Agip), Ofon, Amenam, Akpo,Obagi, Odudu, Ibewa (Total E&P), Usan, ERHA (Exxonmobil), etc
  • Form Joint Venture with Varel International in August 2010 to improve drilling bit engineering services in Nigeria

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